Will this vintage piece look good in my home?

Will this vintage piece look good in my home?

When we go into stores, we learn how to style things. It’s a visual education! For example, a skirt might be shown on a mannequin so we get an idea what works with it. Or a helpful employee might make suggestions. This takes away the need for us to figure things out ourselves.

But vintage furniture isn’t sold at stores, generally. So what do we do?

Often, the artisans you purchase from have some ideas! Just ask!

Or take a look on Pinterest and research “pink desk” or whatever piece you’re considering. See how it was styled for sale by the artisan also!

My guiding motto has been “if I really love it, it will fit in my home”.

And I’m not kidding, this works like a charm! We each have our own preferences and within those preferences, there is a consistency. Or a “look”. If we stay within what we like, it always seems to come together!

For example: I just ordered new patio furniture. I like blue. So I ordered blue. (Ok, this isn’t a sophisticated system, people lol)

My house is a different shade of blue, but it works together when its on the patio and near the house colour.

Be adventurous! Try something new. Take a risk with a fun colour that makes you feel happy inside!

Life is too short to choose beige all the time! Have fun!

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