What furniture do i need for a baby?

What furniture do i need for a baby?

 Welcoming your bundle of joy is always exciting, but it’s also very easy to get carried away buying items that won’t be needed for a while. I mean it’s meant to be fun, but I’m offering some insights of an older parent here. But do as you wish!

A crib is the obvious first priority. So I won’t go into much detail here. An apartment- sized crib is a great space saver and generally large enough for most children up to 3 years of age. The positive side to this is that it leaves extra space in the room.

#1 -.Dresser or armoire – A place to store clothing and diapering essentials.

Vertical space is often underused in our homes, so if you need to be space efficient, consider an armoire. Granted, that won’t provide a diaper changing space, but the extra shelves and storage won’t use up any more floor space than a smaller dresser. Some homes have ample closets built in which will also help you decide how much storage your dresser will need to offer.

#2 –A chair for Mama- a place to sit as you soothe, feed and sing to your baby. So many mid century/Danish chairs offer ergonomic arms and a smaller footprint than a traditional rocking chair/glider or easy chair. Use a wicker chair, a vintage chair. Whatever you like and find comfortable!!

#3- Diaper changing spot- Ok, I’m super practical in this area, and not a stylist on this aspect! (#basic)

As above, the traditional height of a dresser makes an obvious choice. However, I’ve seen people use their beds, the floor, a small table, etc. Personally, once you have recovered from giving birth, the floor is quite handy. No baby rolling off the table or worrying about dropping items you need nearby. It’s not stylish but its easy to use and simple to tidy. And you can establish a second change area anywhere you like in your home. But please feel absolute freedom to follow your own heart and preference!!


Beyond these, there are endless neat, compelling and interesting things you can purchase. But, baby won’t care at all. They just want love, shelter and nourishment.

Enjoy every minute of being a parent!!

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