Things were different when i found these tables. Their finish wasn’t worn off or tatty – in fact, quite the opposite! They were a cheeky dark red stain with a high gloss, rather ugly shiny look. They looked more like plastic than wood, to be honest. (Not a look i’m drawn to.) But they were solid wood and in great condition, so i thought, “Hey! Let’s make these pretty as well as useful!”

With that, these triplets came to the workshop. Something that really impressed me from the start was the design for stacking them. The largest table has a type of drawer guide inside it, that the medium table slides into. Same with the medium table, as the smallest slides into its track. The end result is that the triplets all stay neatly locked together when you move them about. No clattering of legs as they bump and jostle as a group. This means pretty tables STAY pretty!! And neat…which is important to me! lol

These cute tables needed more personality, so i made the tops darker and added a bronze glaze – the result was warmth, texture and depth. This is especially pretty at night…The bases were given a soft aqua colour- which has actually highlighted the carved details on the legs. It’s pretty!


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