Cape Breton Shutters


These shutters make it only too easy to imagine the tropical breezes and the salty air….they work equally well on either side of a window or mirror, or amid a wall of photos/artwork.  Sold in various sizes…call for more information. (solid wood)

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$35/Pair –

Wondering what you would do with these?   They are simply tremendous for large expanses of wall that call for some decor items. But most of the time, those appropriately sized large pieces are pretty expensive. Instead, these are stylish and affordable  architectural salvage. They can be custom painted to your decor, but come in white also. Sizes vary.  They have picture hanging hardware on the back – so they can be hung in 10 minutes!!

In our home, I have a large mirror with these on either side. But they can be hung beside a window to finish and enlarge the impression the window makes.

Indoor use only.

Sold in various sizes…call for more information. (solid wood)


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