Decorating made simple

Decorating made simple

There’s not many things that will make an adult quiver quite like standing before fabrics- whether for couches, pillows or bedding- when there are innumerable choices and patterns!!  i don’t know about you but i can get quite flustered.

What if we made it easy?  I, for one, would just love that!Here’s what I do.  Rather than trying to select plaids that coordinate with florals, and so on, I try to remember that TEXTURES also count toward pattern in a room. Let me explain. A beautiful wicker basket adds as much “pattern” to a room as a plaid pillow. But…it’s much less difficult to select. There’s no colour angst to go through…Just select the single colour for the texture. Another example, select a waffle weave throw instead of something with floral, plaid or similar! Or select, for winter, a faux fur option for the same throw! beautiful to look at and luxe to the touch!  Naturally, there’s also nubby wool and smooth but flecked linen to choose from. These are just a few examples of how using texture in place of pattern can be tremendously freeing!

i hope that takes your blood pressure down a little bit 😉

Now go out there and enjoy making your home beautiful!!!

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