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This page from The Romantic Prairie book by Fifi O’Neill shows the types of items we stock and seek to refurbish. For example, we currently have a rusty chandelier/candelabra like this available. Used indoors with candles is simply elegant!! Outdoors, it can be wrapped in mini lights for some serious farmhouse glamour!!

Table and chairs painted white – frees you to use fresh tones on the walls.  Use of birdcages is encouraged (we have 2 in stock presently). Put in bird eggs, mossy twigs arranged into a teepee shape or whatever nature objects you care to showcase seasonally!! They are out of range for little fingers but still available to enjoy!

Fabrics can be evocative. Burlap gives tons of textural interest to a room – ok, you wouldn’t WEAR it, but it makes a festive contrast to shiny and sparkly items in fall/Christmas season. Remember….textures matter!  It’s part of building an interesting look, using more than just colour.

Simple coloured glass – we love this!!  we collect aqua and blue bottles and jars to sit in our kitchen window in the summer – sometimes with blossoms and ALWAYS to catch the sun and reflect the blue skies!!!

There’s a sample of how to bring together all the various bits we sell. And of course, my love of mirrors isn’t getting smaller. I have FOUR ornate, white painted, shabby chic-fabulous mirrors in stock also! nothing glams up a space more quickly!

Savour the summer, everyone!

Cottage by the Sea Studio