Let’s try something different!

Let’s try something different!

I think most of us have been given or have purchased a cool vintage piece, but after bringing it home….we weren’t sure it suited our space. So gradually we shuffled it around until it went into storage. We see it and feel badly….or wish we had a way to use it. I feels like a waste!

I have done that so many times! i love love love furniture….i appreciate well made pieces and it always bothered me that i wasn’t prepared to use/display vintage pieces in their “before” condition.

So why  not paint it?!!!  If its a piece you “would” use if it was beautiful….there’s nothing to lose!!!

I definitely enjoy helping people figure out what style/colours they like best. So why not send me a message and the picture of your piece?? Let’s see if we can dream up a plan!!! And yes, if you want to paint it yourself, i can give you some pointers.

And for the first time, i am considering teaching beginner painting classes. Would you be interested???  Please send me an email at info@cottagebythesea.ca and let me know.

Happy dreaming!!

Cottage by the Sea Studio