It’s a fresh New Year

It’s a fresh New Year

Sometimes we have a good thing going….but then we realize…it could be better!!
There you have it! Story of my life.

i had a website. A good thing. A beginning…
It had a blog and a few pictures.
It told a bit about me…about my work..

But so, so much was missing.

But today is a new day!!!
It’s a fresh new year and I CANNOT wait for you to all see what we have been working away on….the surprise of my new website!!

It’s much better at telling my story…at showing you my projects and the pictures are better too!
All good things take time!!
So very soon it will be launching: this wonder of wonders…this new venture also includes ONLINE SHOPPING!! Using credit cards…not to mention…..
(did you know we offer shipping? )

Things are changing around here..and I, for one, am enjoying EVERY.MINUTE!

More coming soon……

Cottage by the Sea Studio