Items for sale now

Items for sale now

Well, let’s just say i haven’t mastered how to organize things on this website/blog thingy. Please be patient.  I thought i’d try putting up our newest items here on the blog page…Can you tell i like trying new things? ;o)

Here’s our newest ottoman available.  (Price is $225)  It’s a slim 36″ across so truly fits in any living space!!  It went from an unloved, discarded coffee table to a fresh ottoman! So the upholstery is all new and it’s super comfy!  Extra seating for a party….and as you see, a tray can be much larger than the one i used here….and even with tall items on it, it’s very steady!  The lower shelf is cane material, which gives a beach/cottage feel to the whole piece. Durable upholstery fabric may benefit from Scotchguard treatment (although fabric manufacturer claimed it was already treated). I even heard recently that people coat fabric with Thompson’s water seal for fabrics. It’s a spray and liquids bead up on the surface thereafter. Affords you enough time to run for a rag or paper towel!!!  (See? bonus info!!!)

IMG_4306 An near- white chandelier that would suit a smaller eating area or definitely, a bedroom!  Small crystals hung from each shade will add sparkle and shine day or night!  Linen covered shades are neutral and the cord/chain also has a ruched linen cover. Pretty and unique!! $90

I had a few other items, but they sold before i could post them here for you to see!! (good problem, i suppose lol)

Please email me if you are interested in these pieces in this post or the ones in our Gallery page.



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