Here we are most recently….

Here we are most recently….

So as i dreamed and figured out the direction for this piece, certain details came into clearer view. I wanted this to be a kitchen hutch type of piece.  You know where we keep those large serving pieces, like platters, vases, pitchers, gravy boats, etc.

And the soft grey colour felt like an up-to-date fit for it!!!

Here’s the base with its newly painted look!  Isn’t she pretty?!! In fact, i couldn’t help but style it a bit as i enjoyed looking at it in my house! hehe


Notice that i’ve already added the knobs here. And i had such an inspiration for the drawers!  See that roll of paper almost under the cabinet? it’s beautiful, thick vinyl paper that i will use to line the drawers!
Are you sensing a theme yet?



There’s just something about a soft grey….its a lovely neutral that lets accent colours shine. And did i ever pick the HAPPIEST accent colour ever…(ok disclaimer..this colour isn’t for the faint of heart…its bossy and loud and frankly, makes me think of beautiful tropical places…but that’s me)

It’s a colour called Little Teapot. That’s weird to me.I think it should have been called Bahama Breeze or something!       It’s a bold teal/turquoise colour that makes me think of swimming pools and tropical places, as i mentioned.




With several coats of this beautiful colour inside the upper part of the cabinet, i could complete the soft grey on the shell.  With no pesky doors in the way, i could begin my drawing on the back wall of this piece.

any guesses?






Full height, full width across the back these trees stand proudly and boldly. I mean if you paint it this bold colour, you can’t draw a small rabbit or something little.

And they were not hand drawn, as such. Let me explain:  i search online for an image that i love!! not like, not “will work”. Gotta love it!!    So that takes time. But everything hinges on it being perfect!!   the image was less than 8″ x 11″ in size. I have an app that blows it up to the size i needed.  Then with a steady hand i traced it onto the cabinet using graphite paper. (can you say PAINSTAKING?!!)

Then the layers of coloured paint to make them look like actual trees began. Here you can see the first coat of white to lay down the shape.

i can’t wait for you to see how they turned out!!!! (i’m not quite done yet…but soon!)

Thanks for joining me for this journey. ….Is this interesting to you?  please comment so that i know what you guys enjoy reading/seeing!!

Happy Trails,


Cottage by the Sea Studio