Freshen your home for spring

Freshen your home for spring

There’s nothing like spring in the air! The scent of cherry blossoms, or shrubs with scented blooms…it’s all so exciting after a quiet winter of staying indoors. It always makes me want to fling open the windows and buy flowers for our kitchen table.

But can we swap out a few items in our homes to signal spring’s arrival without breaking the bank? YES!  Bringing budding branches indoors – and putting them in a vase, pitcher or mason jar will already change your homes atmosphere. (bonus points if they’re scented!) Don’t have a garden or friends with a garden, then you have to be even more clever….. By summer, you can get faux forsythia stems for a bargain, thereby being frugal for next spring.  Ditto with every season when it passes, but you can prepare for next year!

How about those throws and pillows in your living space?  A nice brightly coloured, cotton throw feels more spring- like….and they can be found in all sorts of stores. Homesense being my all-time favourite! Pillows can have their covers exchanged for summer and winter…perhaps find a friend who sews and would be willing to make some for you. (I have a resource person for those in Greater Vancouver if you need one! She’s a whizz!)

Another inexpensive seasonal swap you can do is to buy inexpensive but pretty candles! Nothing like my apple green candle from Ikea to add some spring zest to our home. (And yes, i’m crushing on soft, spring greens these days!)

I hope those give you but a few, simple ideas for lightening and brightening your home this year! And never forget that house plants are a great option as well. Just ask about the type of care they need and they can be a great long-term addition to your home and the air quality too.  And have fun!!!!

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