Follow along as i refurbish this item!!

Follow along as i refurbish this item!!

So for a change, instead of just showing you the finished product, i would show you the process of refurbishing something – from scratch!

This piece is a China Cabinet in its original format. In these pictures, i have separated the upper and lower pieces to make them easier to work on.  The lower cabinet was in good condition – no cracks or damage to speak of.   I went to work sanding all surfaces to ensure good adhesion for the paint. Up until this point, i was still not sure what future it held. But doing the basics can be done anyway! And it gets the ball rolling and gets me looking at the piece and pondering…

In the picture below here..ironically…is the upper portion. Two fixed shelves inside. Four glass doors with very damaged hardware (in its former life, there were Royal Doulton 8″ tall figurines behind those doors- so a padlock held the hardware shut firmly. Those handles were so mangled that they couldn’t be reused. New hardware!!! yay!)

Once i had the hardware removed, i kept staring at the glass doors. I knew that in order to give the piece  a truly NEW future, these doors had to change.

That however turned into removing them completely!  Once i’d done that, i felt like i was on the right track! lol

Facing a naked shell of an upper cabinet was a bit daunting!         But more surprises were going to come…..

More coming as i share the journey and process of working on this piece!

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