Embrace the fall…of leaves

Embrace the fall…of leaves

Maybe its just me…but every fall i start to get stressed about the ‘mess’ these falling, beautiful, colour-saturated leaves make. I want to get therapy…i wasn’t raised Japanese, so i don’t have the intrinsic appreciation of their beauty…but i want to!

Perhaps if i stop and actually look at the patterns of colours…the fact that each leaf makes one epic journey to the ground…maybe then i can see the beauty IN IT…not just the mess.

i’m going to take this in baby steps..its a big leap for someone who likes a somewhat orderly garden…these leaves represent chaos to me…haha. (so sad..)

On good days, i collect pretty leaves and lay them out on a pottery tray in my entry hall. I love the tonal variations on even one leaf. (I wonder if the sheer number of them on the driveway is too much for my senses? )

But dang it…i’m going to try and enjoy it this year.   ok, i discovered the leaf blower recently…and i can “contain” them in one area near my shabby chic gate…where it looks more intentional. Artistic even!! But near my doorway….grrrr…

baby steps, here, people. don’t judge. …..I’m a recovering leaf-hater.

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