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Welcome to my blog!! I’m happy to announce that I’ve begun teaching painting classes!!!  So whether it’s a DIY decor item, or actual Furniture Painting….its


Upcoming market!! Saturday July 6/19  – 10 am -4pm -Ocean Park Village Summer Market – 128 St and 16th Ave in Surrey.  It’s a very

Why i do what i do.

Why i do what i do– Click on this link for the video message. Learning how to make videos so i appreciate your patience!!!

Looking for Inspiration?

Why not take a look at our sold gallery? There are some lovely pieces sold over the years that provide ideas for colors and patterns.

Freshen your home for spring

There’s nothing like spring in the air! The scent of cherry blossoms, or shrubs with scented blooms…it’s all so exciting after a quiet winter of

It’s how we roll…

There are many hours of planning and  sketching, testing and examining that go into reinventing our pieces. We test colours and materials so the finest

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