Beauty of the sea

Beauty of the sea


oct 26/15

Have you ever been able to watch the ocean for any length of time?  yes, it’s just water…but if we sit quietly and watch it for a while, we quickly realize it’s an ever-changing staging ground. Wildlife come and go (seals are my favorite), not to mention the tidal action we can view during the course of hours spent at its edge.

Like the sea, we are ever-changing. Oh we won’t show signs of tidal action (we hope!) but we’d like to think we are able to change, grow and become something more interesting the longer that you spend time with us!  One way to keep up with us is to sign up (to the right of this post) for our updates. I’d like to say it will be daily, but life happens. But i’ll do my best.

Here are some pieces coming up:  4 vintage 1940s-50s upholstered chairs, 4 dining chairs from 1920s, a beautiful mahogany hutch/bookcase with old, wavy, simply awesome glass in it!

that’s just a taste!

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