Beauty in the simple

Beauty in the simple

Now that the Christmas decorating season is well under way, i challenge you to look at what you love.Here’s what i mean. There are always going to be trends in Christmas decorating (currently, deer heads among other things). Decide whether you want to add that as a ‘touch’ or to build a collection (over time) of things you like best. Either is fine, of course.

christmastreeblogIMG_7152But our first consideration has to be THOSE we love. Yes, magazine worthy homes are great…if only adults live there. But those of us with kids and (even better) grandkids, need to be mindful of them at every level. After all, this is a time of togetherness and no one wants to watch Mom/Grandma turn wild because someone “TOUCHED” her decorations.

Let’s say you do have littles. Tree ornaments need to be sturdy because, let me tell you, sister, that tree will fall over, at least once. Kids are transfixed by the beauty just out of reach…and yes, it happens. Imagine you can just laugh and collect your ornaments instead of switching to Catastrophe Barbie!   Remember, garlands are out of reach of kids. Major in that, for the meantime. Homemade is always fantastic…if you are outdoorsy, add bits of greenery, pinecones, seedheads, twigs, etc. Use pomegranates for colour (until you eat them, of course!) or red apples. Naturally, any style can benefit from the shot of colour fruit can bring!   Or get clearance silver ball ornaments and fill a bowl on your sideboard,dresser or other safe spot. But keep that tree bullet-proof to save your sanity and the family’s too. 😉
string-popcorn-on-a-christmas-tree-step-4-1024x683Kids love (trying to) string popcorn for a tree garland. If they need something to do and can be trusted with a (Very Dull) needle, give them a bowl of popcorn, put on some mellow Christmas music and enjoy this time together. It’s a good antidote to the hurry sickness that can take hold of a family at this time of year. Keep an eye on when they have nearly had enough, and give them a small bowl of popcorn and a drink. Celebrate their hard work and how beautiful the tree will look (when you finish stringing it all when they are in bed). Make it a family event to string the garland on the tree together. take a picture and give a cheer for a job well done.

ENJOY these moments. Our 3 are grown and married now. But i have 2 grand-baby boys to enjoy these times with all over again. Kids don’t understand hurry…they are in touch with their hearts and souls still. Let’s live at their pace with them, even for 15 minutes here and there. Do  a puzzle together and then have a warm apple juice with cinnamon. Be inventive. Make some Christmas memories as you teach them to enjoy the simple things.

with warm thoughts….Denise

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