And the beat goes on….

And the beat goes on….

Happy New Year!!!

There’s just something so special about hearing that!!  I mean, yeah, i was probably the dorky kid who was excited for new scribblers/notebooks and fresh pencils. A box of (unshattered) pencil crayons, and drawing paper.  All the burgeoning potential laid ahead…nothing had gone sideways as yet and there were possibilities galore!!!

I’m still that way.

Maybe that’s a good thing…i mean how awful to start a year assuming the worst! What good does that do?    So once again, i’m assuming the best…(i’m too old to be entirely idealistic…but a little isn’t so bad!)         I’m expecting to find words to express the wonders i see. I’m expecting fresh vision for the year….for new pieces….and for the treasures you entrust to my refurbishing skills.  How exciting!!

And my wish for you is that you embrace the newness, the fresh possibilities, the hope that needs to be alive and well in our hearts every day. Life has meaning. Mine for it!!!!

Now let’s go and be amazing!!!! ;o)


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