All things bright and beautiful….

All things bright and beautiful….

Happy-New-Year-2016-hd-Images-Wallpapers-Free-Download-7I have always loved new things….and usually change too.  So this new year gives me an excuse to embrace some new things as well!

This year i’m going to feast on beauty.

Now i don’t mean beauty magazines, although they might form a small part of my ‘visual diet”.  i mean that i’m going to intentionally feast my eyes of the beauty in nature, the beauty of form – say a museum, an art gallery, and of course, the multitude of beautiful things online! (armchair exposure and/or travel)   I find that the dark days of winter, with very little in bloom outdoors, i need it more than ever. Though, to be honest, my bird feeder’s small visitors do help quite a lot!!! Their tiny bodies, flitting actions and comical behaviours bring me enjoyment. So that’s a start.

So you ask, “Why would you want to feast on beauty?”   and that’s a very good question. I can only say that i feel unhappy when i have gotten low on the experience of beauty. It seems that my creative bent needs it to stay vital, flexible and supple. Something dry, dusty and gray distorts my creativity without a steady diet of beauty. One recent venture into increasing my “beauty diet” has been Instagram!  I’m no spring chicken, but it’s amazing to me what i can search, find and how i can customize my ‘feed’. terrific stuff!!!  (i’m on @cottagebythesea9 for those of you who want to see what i’m doing…please follow!)

So, instead of yet another round of depressing resolutions, perhaps consider trying my “beauty diet” and see whether it doesn’t bring a smile to your face. After all, there’s so much good and beautiful about life….why not make the most of it?!!

Happy New Year!!


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