a European Christmas

a European Christmas

It’s now December 13th, and we are well on our way to making our homes delightfully warm and inviting. I’m always keen to see how “the other half” decorates this time of year. So i went to France the internet for pictures of how they do it 😉

here’s one example!  I think what makes this delicious, for me, is the backdrop of this home. The clearly very old wood floors and wall panelling. i mean, cmon…it’s fabulous!! The mantel looks hand-carved, even! and by staying very restrained with their colours, it’s a sumptuous feast for the eyes! it’s not one loudly coloured item beside the other.  One’s eye can calmly go from item to item, without overstimulation.  Kraft paper wrapped gifts, with shimmering ribbons and bows, adds a nice touch with COMMANDING the whole room.

i’m discovering that restraint can prevent a room from being too loud, visually. Like a friend of mine, Karen, who is a tremendous interior designer, your personal accessories and a room’s accessories should be one step below being noticed. Just take off that extra bracelet, it’s too much. Or choose earrings and a bracelet, and forego the necklace. I’m not sure i’m being clear….decorate and then remove ONE THING.  it’s probably already enough to look special…but not like a store! lol

Have fun this season. And when we pack away the decorations, look at your newly emptied space with fresh eyes. Do we need EVERTHING to come back into the room that was there in the fall? what needs to edited out? what is missing?

and don’t worry….it’s a lovely, beautiful learning experience. None of us ever gets our homes perfectly “just so”.  Enjoy the chaos 😉

Merry Christmas!

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